What is the power required to light a room?

In the kitchen or bathroom, you should use more lighting than in a living room, less in a hallway. For equivalent brightness, brightly-lit rooms require fewer fixtures than darker rooms.

The lumen (lm) is the unit used to measure the luminous flux and thus represents the decisive criterion for the brightness of a bulb.

For basic lighting, we recommend the following values. They are based on averages from long practical experience and various tests that we conducted autonomously.

  • Basic lighting for the living room / hallway 100 lm / m²
  • Basic lighting for the kitchen / bathroom 300 lm / m²

Other light sources complete the basic lighting, such as lamps to put in the living room, wall sconces in the kitchen, or bathroom mirror lights.

You can vary the intensity of many luminaires, to adapt the lighting to your needs according to your taste.

When buying a new fixture, also consider the color temperature , as it sets the tone either warm yellow or cold blue of the light. Cold color temperatures can often appear lighter than warmer ones, while being a little less comfortable.

Example of lighting design of a living room of 12 m² with recessed


Recessed 925.85
560 lm x 3 pieces
= 1680 lm
= 140 lm / m²

Halogen 12 V

Recessed 994.45
4 x 430 lm x 1 kit
= 1720 lm
= 143 lm / m²

Premium Line recessed kit halogen 51 mm steel br, adjustable, 4x35W

Premium Line halogen recessed kit 51 mm steel br …

103.00 € *

Halogen 230 V

Recessed 988.80
6 x 292 lm x 1 kit
= 1752 lm
= 146 lm / m²

recessed kit Premium 230 V halogen steel br, adjustable, kit of 6

Premium recessed kit 230

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